Brand Ink™ Originals

Visual Branding/Custom Logo Design

Our proprietary process starts with determining what your visual branding should communicate in order to reflect the strengths of your company in the context of how you serve customers. The process is completed when we have designed a logo that reflects these dimensions and represents your company well. See our pdf portfolio here

Visual Branding Standards and Guidelines

Larger clients with offices and operations in multiple geographic locations also find our Visual Branding Standards and Guidelines helpful for consistent implementation. These are comprehensive documents, accompanied with electronic files that allow staff and management in separate locations to implement your visual branding easily and consistently when working with outside vendors either in-house or with outside vendors.

Special Projects

We have experience with more than 60 companies, many of which have extended our original design services to include traditional print design, special design projects, trade show booth development, display models and other projects.

See Our Brand Ink™ Originals  Portfolio

Our design portfolio showcases some examples of our award winning design work and may be downloaded for your review.  Please feel free to contact us for your special assignments.

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