[testimonial]I don’t know anyone who brings a higher a level of passion to his profession and the projects he serves. He knows instinctively how to turn that passion into persuasion. He raises the bar![client_name]Vanessa Moorman, Sales Manager, Lamar Outdoor Advertising[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Your work is incredible. We clearly would not have been able to attract the talent we have without the online branding you’ve done for us—-our look is awesome! Our promotional tools are exceptional. You Rock![client_name]Ginny Dye, Founder and Chairman, Ultimate Life Company[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]I’ve never met anyone as thorough or committed to a mission. He knows his business and has an amazing way of getting his point across and getting the job done. His refreshing knowledge of marketing and power of persuasion are quite uncommon. You will never find anyone like him out there![client_name]Jennifer Leaver, Senior Account Executive, Colorado Springs Independent[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]This man is brilliant! He directed our company to create our initial image which has been a marketing tool that has stayed with us for over a decade. D. Wendal has great insight, produces ideas that are truly unique and has been most enjoyable to work with. We are thrilled with everything he has created for us.[client_name]Tom Shay, Profits+Solutions[/client_name][/testimonial]


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