Not using QR codes? Your customers may not know what they’re missing, but your bottom line does!

QR codes are those pixilated black-and-white barcode symbols that can be scanned by mobile devices. The codes carry information that transitions the mobile user from traditional media like print, brochures, product packaging, bus boards, textbooks or even gravestones and takes the user from a static encounter to an engaging, interactive experience — transitioning them from off-line to online.

QR codes pique curiosity and guide the user willingly toward brand engagement. Imagine delivering testimonials, guided tours, or comparative shopping information right to your customers at the point of purchase.

At Advanced Small Business Marketing, we know how to plug QR codes into your marketing plans, can help you produce innovative new competitive advantages and boost your profits. And, we can do it without embedded, third-party tracking information and data collection.

Our QR code generation is data collection free. Your prospects and your customers deserve privacy. We deliver safe QR codes along with extended information in your QR codes.