Text Messaging Is Hot!

The NY Times calls text messaging the greatest media ever inventedThe New York Times calls text messaging the most powerful media ever invented. It’s quick, it’s opt-in, and can be received on 98% of all cell phones – – not just smart phones. Small businesses are using this incredible technology to cut no-show rates, build brand awareness, increase transactions per customer, keep their customers informed, and offer specials to increase their share of market. The technology is just the tip of the iceberg. The creativity is just beginning. The flexibility is phenomenal. We can show you how to use this technology cost-effectively in your business – – even saving you money while increasing your income.

Reach Your Customers, Constituents and Supporters Wherever They Are!

Our complimentary assessment for one medical office showed our text messaging services could cut no-show appointments and provide opportunity to fill cancelled appointments and reschedule others, resulting in a $48,000 increase in annual income! Call us for a free assessment if your business relies on scheduled appointments.
Small businesses everywhere are discovering the power of text message couponing to help them increase sales, manage inventory, announce new merchandise arrivals, promote seasonal specials, and reward their loyal customers. All of this contributes to building brand awareness, tapping into viral multiplication and increasing the bottom line. We have more ideas on how you can apply this technology in your business, too!
In a moment of crisis,imagine sending an immediate plea for financial assistance to your supporters or congregation, complete with an opportunity to immediately respond with giving using text messaging  – – all on their mobile phone or device– – with the money directed right into your organizational bank account.  Ask us how the service can work for your organization, ministry, or nonprofit organization.

Schools, churches, civic organizations, governmental offices, teachers, hair salons, dentists, doctors, chiropractors other service professionals and organizations that rely on appointments, all have an occasional need to communicate weather or crisis related delays. SMS/Texting, make announcing these delays a simple, automated process.

  • “D. Wendal Attig is the most creative, insightful marketing professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His ideas are “out of the box” and his brand strategy and identity work is cutting edge. The approach his firm has developed for our business has had a direct, positive impact on our bottom line, and has enabled us to out distance our competition. He is a branding master.”–Becky Nickol, CFP, CEO, TeamTech, Inc.