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1. Who Are We?

Advanced Small Business Marketing delivers an UNfair Competitive Advantage for our clients using online and mobile marketing. We couple our brand positioning and marketing careers with expertise in consumer behavior and a passion for serving small business. We understand how consumers make decisions, how to meet them where they are and ethically influence their decisions for the benefit of both our clients and their customers.


2. What Do We Do?

Advanced Small Business Marketing transitions our small business, organizational and ministry clients from traditional marketing to online and mobile marketing solutions. Our success is based upon playing offense against the competition and having the reputation for “setting the pace in the race” to create a marketplace advantage. We’ve won many awards for creativity… however our greatest reward is getting the call from an ecstatic client sharing positive results! Our experienced coaching, advice, introductions and implementation is applied to each clients’ unique goals, concerns and challenges.


3. Why Do We Do It?

With our background in serving small business clients we know they need the systems, techniques and products to create a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Like our clients we’ve seen traditional marketing costs skyrocketing with diminishing results. Advanced Small Business Marketing has learned how to turn their promotional initiatives from an expense into an investment – using more cost-effective online and mobile marketing. Our fundamental purpose is to help clients implement these tools to reach their business goals.


4. How Do We Do It?

“Marketing with an UNfair Advantage™ ” is what we deliver for every client we serve. We choose our clients carefully, work with businesses that are driven to be the best in their field and demand high ethical standards from ourselves and our clients. Quickly our clients transition away from traditional marketing to online and mobile solutions. They embrace a fundamental shift in their approach, techniques, tools and technology and learn to move their prospects along the path of knowing, liking, trusting, trying, buying, repeating and referring. These are the game-changers that work to create the UNfair advantage!


5. How Do You Profit?

As our client, you profit because we make it easy for you to remain focused on what you do best–taking care of business. At the same time, you engage us to deliver the services we’re equipped to implement. Together it works. The team, the goals, the action, and the results. It all contributes to your bottom line profitability!