Why not eliminate some of the challenges in communicating with your members or supporters?

Is mobile marketing  part of your NPO promotional plans?We realize that nonprofit organizations rely on building relationships with their followers – – people they count on for financial and volunteer support. We help them meet that challenge head on.

With the combination of video e-mail marketing, secure text message fundraising and volunteer updates and access to your organization through mobile– specific websites, we can help you keep in touch with your constituents like never before.

We show you how to incorporate QR codes into your promotional materials to connect your constituents with additional information – – info they need now to trigger the response you need immediately. And we do it all cost-effectively.

Your supporters and volunteers have gone mobile. If you haven’t done it yet, now’s the time. Let us help you put the plans together and the technology on board. Ask us for a free initial consultation and we will show you our stuff!