Wonder why your Smart Phone isn’t always so smart? Is it the phone or the website?

Ever tried to call up a website on your smart phone only to discover that it loads slowly, then requires you to fat finger your way through the content, scrolling back and forth, up and down, and zooming to activate the navigation buttons to avoid a wrong selection? Ever notice how entire chunks of content simply will not load on your iPhone, iPad or  iTouch device? That’s when it’s safe to understand you are navigating through a full-blown desktop site.

Mobile Responsive Website DesignOriginally, sites were developed to appear appropriately on desktop computers, but all that has changed with the advent of the Smartphone.

The solution? A  fully responsive, mobile-ready website, created to recognize any device, and adjust the content to deliver your information formatted so the user can access quickly and take action on immediately. 

Here are a few examples of sites we have created recently:




Google now rewards websites that are fully responsive, while penalizing those that are not.  Our website development ensures your site will meet the standards  required by Google to keep you competitive, while delivering the right solution for your site visitors.

Wondering whether your current website really delivers a responsive, mobile-friendly experience? Simply submit your current website address and see it now...