Is your mobile website optimized specifically for mobile devices?

While there is much debate amongst traditional website developers – – many of them holding that Mobile SEO is no different than desktop SEO– – mobile specific site developers understand that search engine optimization is unique due to the limitations of the content typically included in a mobile website.

mobile SEO is unique to mobile searchesGoogle has developed separate algorithms for ranking mobile websites, altered to include mobile device capabilities to access information through SMS, mobile bookmarks on android, mobile usage data through Google reader (RSS), Google+and the impact of mobile versus desktop search volume. Interestingly, location of the device is also a factor in search results from mobile versus desktop devices.

Interestingly, in response to the intense movement toward mobile searches, Google now penalizes the search engine results for websites and advertisers that do not offer mobile specific content.

Local results are more likely to appear on mobile devices. Mobile searches access much more detailed location results from the device, allowing Google Places to deliver more location sensitive search results. Capitalizing on these factors, developing a strategy for optimizing your mobile content and applying mobile specific SEO is essential to your online marketing success.

Developing a mobile specific website is the first step, but we recommend and can provide ongoing mobile SEO to ensure an unfair competitive advantage in mobile search results in your category.