Responding to the Great Commission is possible now –more than ever– with the power of online and mobile marketing and interactive communication solutions.

Ministry Marketing SolutionsMinistries, including churches, para–church organizations, television ministries, and Christian education institutions, are moving quickly to embrace the technology their constituents, students and members use every day.

We help these ministries identify opportunities and implement the technology these require based on best practices and the preferences of their target markets.

Our implementation includes live service broadcast and archive playback of services, special events and other essential communication on the Internet.

We help our clients develop additional touch points that create community and build solid relationships. SMS/text messaging, video marketing, database management, and online capture forms help our clients turn the curious into engaging relationships.

You do it for your physical health… Why not for your ministry?

Ministry Marketing Health and Fitness

Ongoing education and solution services include our Ministry Marketing Health and Fitness Program. This one  is designed to help…..

  • Senior Pastors
  • Administrators
  • Ministers of Youth, Music, Spiritual Growth, Christian Education and others
  • Communications Directors
  • Lay Leaders, Webmasters, Video, Outreach, Nursery and other Special Ministries
  • ….appreciate and understand  the opportunities, best practices, and solutions specific to their challenges.

    We tailor keynotes and workshop sessions for individual ministries, ministerial retreats, and denominational gatherings, and ministry associations. Please contact us for additional information.