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This home page is setup using jQuery Homepage Template. The slides are setup by selecting the category of post from site option. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus rhoncus, arcu non blandit tempus, elit diam congue velit.


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D. Wendal Attig is CEO and Managing Partner of Advanced Small Business Marketing. The company has been specializing in Online Advertising, Branding and Online Reputation Marketing. He is author of "Blow the Whistle on Your Competition--Brand Positioning Your Company to Win in the Marketplace of the Mind", "Make Your Marketing Mobile," both currently available on Amazon.com, and a third book: "Think Like the Fish--How to Turn Your Customer's Fantasy Into an Experience Worthy of Extreme Customer Loyalty," to be published in Q2, 2015. Mr. Attig is a frequent speaker at corporate and association events and can be contacted through the company's website : http://AdvancedSmallBusinessMarketing.com and the company's Relationship Marketing division: www.OnlineReputationTrust.com
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